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Will You Hear Us is a documentary about the tradition of caged birds in Indonesia.  

In Indonesia, owning a bird is an ancestral tradition; "A man is considered to be a real man if he has a house, a wife, a horse, a dagger and a bird". It is a sign of wealth and social success. The more colorful the plumage, the more melodious the song, the more value a bird has on the market. As a result, millions of Indonesians own caged birds. The scale of the bird trade has long worried conservationists and ornithologists. They say the hobby has become unsustainable because of the enormous pressure on the wild bird populations in Indonesia.

The film is an investigation into the meaning of this tradition and how it has changed over time. Besides the film will try to come up with alternatives to stop wild bird harvesting and avoid the rapid decline of Indonesian bird populations. 

With your help we will bring this project to life. Your contribution will play a part into all stages of the making: from transportation within Indonesia, filming equipment, translating interviews to editing our final images.   

Help us show the world the immense beauty of these birds and shine a light on the dark future they hold and how you can make a difference. 

The birds need your help, Will You Hear Them?   

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